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Hi! Please direct your questions regarding gameplay with Buffy Summers here. This is not an IC contact post You can find one of those in this journal as well if that's what you're looking for. Comments are screened.

I am generally available for gameplay during afternoons and weekday evenings. Don't worry terribly about fourth-walling her if her canon is something your character would icly know. She was on TV in her canon. Everyone knows she's a slayer. Secret identity ceased to be a thing early on.
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It's not the first time that Buffy has been in New York, but it's the first time she's spent any amount of time there. They've got a vampire problem and it's getting out of hand. She's actually here at Riley's request. His organization can't spare the man power right now so they contracted (for lack of a better term) with Buffy. She needed a change anyway and this is proving to be a good one, at least for a little while.

When she'd first negotiated the terms of her contract it had seemed reasonable. It was only after she'd signed and started preparing to move that she realized the cost of living, which is how she acquired the glamorous life of vampire slayer by night, barista by day.

She's just hung up her apron and is heading home, bag slung over her shoulder when she hears a scuffle in the alley she's about cut through to the tiny studio apartment she rents. Scuffles aren't uncommon in New York City and not all of them (most of them) have anything supernatural about them at all. However, this one is giving her that creepy, crawly feeling. It's not a spidey sense so much as something she's just learned over nearly a decade of being a slayer. She unzips her bag, letting it slide off her shoulder as she pulls the stake from the pocket. Yes, someone could steal her bag, but she's willing to take that chance. She's broke anyway.

Buffy creeps down the alley nearly silently, stopping next to a dumpster to watch the vampire rough up his victim. She sighs as she straightens and steps out from behind the dumpster. "It's always the same with you guys. When will you learn. No means no."

[ooc: feel free to be the victim or come interrupt or do something entirely different with this scenario. I'm even okay with assumed CR if you'd rather skip introductions. ]
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CHARACTER SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: God yes. Please. I'll backtag forever
Threadhopping: Absolutely unless it's marked as a private conversation
Fourthwalling: Go right ahead!
Offensive subjects: I'm okay with anything really.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: Yes!
Kissing this character: Yes but you could get punched
Flirting with this character: Please
Fighting with this character: Yes. She is a super girl so beware, she punches hard.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Pretty much do your worst but give me a shout out on aim, plurk or email for anything beyond minor injuries.
Killing this character: With some planning, sure. She's died twice (3 times technically) in canon so it's par for the course.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes! If you'll contact me first I'll give you stuff to work with.


She hits hard, she's accustomed to fighting things much tougher than a human but she does know how to pull her punches and avoid killing a human if necessary. If you want to fight with her, that's fine. Shoot me an AIM, Plurk or Email and I'll work something out with you.

Wiki Link for Buffy
Buffy's Scythe

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!


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7-1 Marcel
7-1 Ray
7-1 Top Level
7-1 Rick
7-1 Willow


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6-13 Michonne
6-21 Ray Palmer
6-13 Dawn
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03-2 Dawn
03-2 Alec
03-2 Rick
03-2 Beverly
03-6 Willow + Dawn
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This is Buffy. I can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can!

*Phone Conversations
*Personal Video Conferences
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[ Vampire slaying ought to be core knowledge for everyone living in Sunnydale, California, even if that someone happens to be a former (future?) Kaiju killer. However, when that someone happens to be dating the slayer, knowing how to slay a vampire is basic survival 101. As much as Buffy would like to tell herself that he's safe with her, past experience tells her that's a lie.

The fact that Raleigh wants to learn how to kill vampires, and wants to help her out, makes him all the more amazing. Of course, there's that little part of her that recalls Owen, and the adrenaline rush that he got from going out with her, but Raleigh is definitely not Owen. He's also really capable on his own. She likes that about him. He just needs the crash course on vampires and he'll be fully integrated into the slayer lifestyle, which kind of scares her because Buffy and relationships have been traditionally non-mixy things. She's never been entirely sure if that's because of her life and the way her boyfriends invariably get drawn into her life, or if there's something wrong with her. She wants it to be the former and is afraid it's the latter. The real problem with this entire scenario is that she likes Raleigh. A lot. Perhaps more than she's liked anyone in a very long time. Without her permission, her heart has tumbled head over heels in love with him and the only reason her head hasn't followed is because of her laundry list of fears, past experiences and other 'shouldn'ts'.

You know, like that eventually they're going to have to send him back to his time. That's going to hurt and Buffy knows that it's only a matter of time before Willow figures out the how of it all.

And she's definitely not going to think about that now. Not today anyway when she's supposed to be giving Raleigh the low down on vampires. She's in the training room at the back of the magic box wearing a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, waiting for Raleigh to get off work. She knows without looking at the clock that he'll be here soon and that sends a little shiver racing up her spine along with a goofy grin that she can't quite smother no matter how hard she tries. Raleigh turns Buffy into the teenage girl that she never got to be for very long. It's possibly one of her favorite things about him.

That and his abs. ]
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Just one more time
To look into your eyes sublime
Just one more time

Just one more kiss
To end a romance full of bliss
Just one more kiss

Just one more night
To love you and hold you tight
Just one more night

Just one more word
To tell you, you were my world
Please just one more word.
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[pressure is something you feel when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing—peyton manning]

It was probably crazy. It was probably going to get a bunch of people killed and it was probably going to be as effective as the story of the little boy with his finger in the dike. The thing was, it was the only solution Buffy could come up with. The world, or at least San Francisco, was being overrun with zompires; she didn’t have a lot of options: Kennedy and “her” slayers were rubbing elbows and making lots of money through private security; there was “that” faction of slayers out to kill Buffy and then there was her: Buffy had an intimidating force of…Billy and a couple of others she’d recruited. They were good, but they were human. They didn’t have her strength or her power and she had no means to give it to them anymore. They were going to get killed eventually. It was a fact of war, an unavoidable consequence of being in a slayers orbit and she had no choice. Buffy needed help.

She had struggled with the morality of her choice, the hows and the whys, the ifs but not the whens and she’d come to realize one thing:

It was their world too.

It was their world too and if they wanted to help, if they realized the dangers involved who was she to tell them they couldn’t? Despite all of that, despite realizing it was her only choice, that Billy and the other recruits has just as much right as she to defend themselves, she still felt like the pressure was on her. Buffy had no idea what she was doing. She had a destiny; they had a right. In the end, she hoped it all equaled out to saving the world, but she didn’t know if it would. She never had. Saving the world didn’t come with an instruction manual and even if it had, she rewritten the rules years ago.

But, it would be awfully nice if someone would give her a refresher course on those rules.
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She was a slayer. More than that, she was the slayer. She remembered a life when the words “only girl” meant something. Regrets, decisions made in a time of war and living with them were a whole other waxy ball that didn’t matter anymore. She couldn’t undo anything and no amount of want or should was going to change that.

She had other things to be concerned with, things closer to home, heart and her. Buffy had accepted that she wasn’t ever going to have a normal life. There hadn’t been a big realization, no moment with swelling music, excellent lighting and sweeping camera angels. It was a point a that had been hammered into her blow by blow since she was sixteen.


Except she’d had a normal life, hadn’t she? Okay, sure it was just her body and eventually she’d been corrupted to the dark side, lured by cookies and pink streaks in her hair, but she’d had a normal life for a few months. It was enough to deliver a staggering blow to the acceptance she was supposed to have grasped and send her plummeting back into ‘what if?’

What if she could do normal? What if she could slay at night be a suburban single during the day? What if?

She plunged the stake into the heart of the zombire she’d been fighting while musing and walked away. What if was a trap and traps got people killed. She was better off embracing her acceptance and leaving what if for the girls who didn’t know there were monsters in the shadows. Her job always had been, and always would be, making sure those girls stayed oblivious.

Anything else was a trap.
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[Unbeknownst to Buffy, Dawn did a spell, and because of this spell she is painfully happy. The video screen shows her with a smile that's stretched from ear to ear. Underneath the blinding brightness, she looks tired, exhausted from the sheer effort of being happy. When she speaks, her voice is annoyingly chipper, like it's stretched too thin, too tight.]

So I know everyone's been complaining about the last week or so but it hasn't been that bad! We all made new friends and had new experiences. I think it's really super of the deities to provide us with opportunities like that. It's not something you're going to get at home. No Sir-re Bob.

What's everybody's plans for Christmas? Chock full of egg nog-y goodness?


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